Vermilion’s Canadian production and assets are focused in West Pembina near Drayton Valley, 阿尔伯塔省, in the Peace River Arch in northeast 英属哥伦比亚 and northwest 阿尔伯塔省 and in southeast Saskatchewan and southwest Manitoba. Vermilion’s Corporate head office is located in Calgary, 阿尔伯塔省.


Vermilion’s geographically advantaged 阿尔伯塔省 assets feature the potential for significant 资源发挥s sharing the same surface infrastructure in the West Pembina region in 阿尔伯塔省. Our operational areas are highlighted on the adjacent map.

The Mannville play is a multizone development that occurs at depths of approximately 2,400米至2米,700米. We hold over 250,000 net acres of Mannville rights, which are largely held by production. Our land position includes condensate-rich Mannville acreage around the Drayton Valley area as well as high-productivity, Ferrier附近富含液体的天然气区. Since starting development of the Mannville play in 2013, we have only drilled a small portion of our Mannville inventory, providing us with significant future growth potential.

Vermilion holds a dominant 100,000 net acre land position in the West Pembina 能源 资源发挥.  The play is a light oil development project employing horizontal wells with multistage completions. 我们控制着关键的基础设施,包括一个15,000 bbl per day oil battery that we commissioned in 2011 to process the ongoing volumes associated with the development of the play, 以及两个拥有和经营的天然气厂. 

Vermilion began actively developing the 能源 play in 2010.  在整个开发周期中, we have made significant strides in improving play economics by working closely with service providers, changing completion methodology from hydrocarbon based-fractures to water-based fractures and drilling longer reach wells.  Vermilion still holds a significant inventory of undrilled prospects in reserves and resources.



Vermilion entered southeast Saskatchewan through the acquisition of a private company in April 2014 and we significantly expanded our position with our acquisition of Spartan Energy Corp. 2018年5月. 我们的陆上基地大约有450人,000 net acres at an average working interest of approximately 85%. 很像我们在阿尔伯塔省的西彭比纳地区, southeast Saskatchewan and southwest Manitoba provide the opportunity for multizone development. 我们的目标是密西西比中部地层, along with the Frobisher/Alida and Ratcliffe formations.


Vermilion entered 英属哥伦比亚 in 2022 with the acquisition of Leucrotta Exploration Inc. The primary asset is the 云母 property in the Peace River Arch, which straddles the 阿尔伯塔省 and 英属哥伦比亚 border. Vermilion targets tight oil and shale gas in the Montney formation. 


In 加拿大, Vermilion is a key player in the highly productive Mannville condensate-rich gas play. In addition, we hold a dominant land position in the West Pembina 能源 资源发挥, in the Peace River Arch in 英属哥伦比亚 and 阿尔伯塔省 and have a high-working interest position in southeast Saskatchewan. In the 美国, Vermilion has a significant land position in the promising 特纳砂 在粉河流域玩耍. Our 北美n assets represent approximately 60% of our total corporate production. 


Vermilion在欧洲的资产包括在岸资产和离岸资产 离岸 operations that deliver premium commodity pricing through Brent-priced light oil production and 欧洲an natural gas prices trade at a significant premium to 北美n benchmarks. Our 欧洲an assets contribute approximately one-third of total corporate production. 


Vermilion holds a 100% working interest in the Wandoo field, 离岸 澳大利亚. Vermilion’s 澳大利亚n oil production receives premium pricing due to Brent-indexing and the strong, 长期, strategic relationships we have cultivated with our key 客户 in the region.

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